The Walking Dead, the hugely popular AMC television series, has been running for 10 seasons and we are keenly aware of its rabid fan base. The “living dead” will travel near and far to get up close and personal with all the action; Go for a Walk Alicia and Nick’s shoes!

The series has completely revitalized the town of Senoia, Georgia, which is the setting for the town of Woodbury. The town prides itself on being the home to such a cultural phenomenon and has totally capitalized on its fame for hosting the undead.

On Main Street, you’ll find commercial establishments that reference The Walking Dead characters or locations. Spend the day visiting Nic & Norman’s (Pub), Senoia Coffee and Cafe, Alexandria The Walking Dead (a recording studio), and The Woodbury Shoppe (Walking Dead Gifts & Clothes). There is even a Walking Dead tour given by Georgia Tour Company on Main St & Seavy St. Finally, a Walking Dead movie theater, called Ocean Side (named after one of the show’s survival communities), is just 12 minutes outside of downtown.

If walking dead in Atlanta is more your speed, travel 10 minutes southeast of Downtown Senoia and visit Raleigh Studios Atlanta, where The Walking Dead has soundstages for a multitude of interior sets. Unlike the Tyler Perry studios of southwest Atlanta, Raleigh Studios Atlanta does not offer walking tours. However, Atlanta Movie Tours in the nearby Castleberry Hill neighborhood has more Atlanta-based sites connected to The Walking Dead.

All these outings are located withing a 30-mile radius of historic Jonesboro/Lovejoy.

Note: COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines could alter any or all the above

information- check with the individual merchant’s website and local state and county officials on any ordinances or mandates.


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